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 “I’m embarrassed to say, I thought you could defeat hate.  You can’t.  It only hides.  It crawls under the rocks, and, when given oxygen by any person in authority, it comes roaring back out.  And what I realized is the words of a President, even a lousy President, matter.  They can take care of war, they can bring peace, they can make the market rise, they can make it fall.  But they can also give hate oxygen.”                    Joe Biden

Joe Biden Announces Re-Election Bid with Enthusiastic Support
from Washington County Democrats

“Around the country, MAGA extremists are lining up to take on those bedrock freedoms. Cutting Social Security that you’ve paid for your entire life while cutting taxes for the very wealthy. Dictating what health care decisions women can make, banning books and telling people who they can love. All while making it more difficult for you to be able to vote.” -- President Joe Biden

An Assault on Democracy, A Call to Action

Several proposed laws by the Texas Legislature to suppress voting are a desperate ploy to undermine our freedom to choose our leaders. In the past, powerful forces were able to prevent many people from voting by putting up various roadblocks. Poll taxes, literacy tests, providing an inadequate number of polling locations and placing them far from areas of opponents’ strength were tools to prevent full representation. The Voting Rights Act of the Sixties stopped many of the corrupt practices of the past. Instead of conceding that all citizens have the right to easily and conveniently vote, the opponents of true democracy are using their power to subvert the intent of the Voting Rights Act.

The strategy today appears to be to incrementally construct a wall to voting by using laws that don’t directly attack voting but indirectly create small obstacles to ballot access that amount to a series of bricks to build that wall.  With very naïve reasoning, the Supreme Court lead by Chief Justice John Roberts crippled a vital part of the Voting Rights Act to allow this assault.

Today’s proposed laws by the Texas Legislature are as follows:

          S.B. 990 (Banning Countywide Polling Places)

          S.B. 2 (Felony Charges for Voting Errors)
          H.B. 2127 (Attack on Local Freedom)
          H.B. 2390 (Banning Polling Places from Colleges + Universities)

(See the Legislation tab on the website menu for a detailed discussion on these bills)

Taken individually, each bill isn’t a direct block to voting but collectively are a set of bricks added together build the wall to free and fair access to voting and ultimately democracy itself.

Contact your representative to demand a defeat of this egregious assault on voting.

The Washington County representatives are Senator Lois Kolkhorst, (512) 463-0118 and Rep. Kyle Kacal, (512) 463-0412.


THE DEMOCRATIC CLUB of Washington County
P.O. Box 903, Brenham, Texas 77834-0903     

Donna Glass-  President - Helen Dillingham, VP  - Helen Harris, Secretary -  Lewis Houser, Treasure

Held the first Monday of each Month 

Meeting MONDAY JUNE 5, 2023 - 4:30 - 5:45 PM 

Nancy Carol Roberts Memorial Library, 100 MLK Jr. Pkwy, Brenham, TX


Call to Order: Donna Glass
Pledge of Allegiance
Minutes from the May Club Meeting: Helen Harris
Treasurer’s Report: Lewis Houser
Announcements from Washington County Texas Democratic Women: Bren Hardt
Discussion Topics:  
- Club participation in Juneteenth parade and activities
- Gun control legislation in Texas, in light of this one-year anniversary of the Uvalde school shooting
- Legislation from the recent Texas State Legislative session. Which bills passed, failed, are pending
- Other topics of concern to Members


Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 859 2710 1383
Passcode: 277962




























In response to Greg Abbott’s state of the state address emphasizing his ill-conceived priorities for the 2023 Texas Legislature session, Texas Democrats called for rational policies including:
Implementing real gun safety legislation in the 88th Texas Legislature
Finally making desperately-needed fixes to our state’s electric grid
Vigorously opposing Republicans’ private school vouchers program, which would further gut public education across Texas
Expanding Medicaid in Texas
Fighting against Republicans’ senseless and unnecessary assaults on the rights and freedoms of LGBTQ+ Texans

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