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 “I’m embarrassed to say, I thought you could defeat hate.  You can’t.  It only hides.  It crawls under the rocks, and, when given oxygen by any person in authority, it comes roaring back out.  And what I realized is the words of a President, even a lousy President, matter.  They can take care of war, they can bring peace, they can make the market rise, they can make it fall.  But they can also give hate oxygen.”                    Joe Biden

Wake Up Democrats and Fight Back!

             The worst thing that could happen to our country and the survival of the oldest continuing democracy in the world is for Democrats to fail to rise to the challenge of fighting Trumpism and the current draconian version of the Republican Party.  We cannot afford to be discouraged by predictions of election losses for Democrats in 2022.  The stakes for our democratic society are too high. 
           In a recent commentary, David Remnic, a distinguished New Yorker Magazine writer, provided a reasonable description of the current state of U.S. Political affairs.  “A resumption of Trumpism is an invitation to an increasingly authoritarian America, a nation contemptuous of the rule of law, the disadvantaged, and the planet itself.  The effect on national security is a misery to contemplate.  Imagine if Trump had won in 2020.  Imagine his inevitable indulgence of Vladimir Putin, his expressions of disdain for NATO, for Ukraine, for Volodymyr Zelensky, whom he once tried to extort for political gain.  At a moment of wanton killing in Ukraine, Trump has shown scant concern.  His only interest in the region seems to be whether he can cajole Putin to dig up dirt on Hunter Biden.
           But, while alarm is appropriate, paralyzing despair is not.  After fifteen months in office, Biden is polling at around forty per cent.  At the same point, so was Ronald Reagan – then, as inflation receded, he ran for reelection against Walter Mondale and won forty-nine states.  Trump is making a tremendous noise as he travels the country, endorsing.  J.D. Vance and other obedient candidates, but his popularity has declined.  His miserable handling of the pandemic and his starring role in the January 6th insurrection have eroded his standing among at least some Republican voters.  His near future is hardly promising.  The select committee investigating the insurrection will hold hearings in June, and Representative Jamie Raskin, of Maryland, predicts that the revelations will “blow the roof off the House.”  The former President also faces ongoing legal scrutiny in cases in New York and Georgia, and from journalists everywhere.
           The analysists who keep flogging Biden for his inability to pass more ambitious legislation through Rooseveltian persuasion and Johnsonian party discipline tend to ignore the fact that F.D.R. and L.B.J. enjoyed immense congressional majorities. Biden has Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.  His stimulus bill, a significant achievement, attracted zero Republican support.  The members of the political class of the G.O.P., with rare exceptions, have determined that their voters are with Trump, and so they must be, too.  These men and women have all the political independence and moral courage of the trembling members of Putin’s national-security council.  They have traded the principles of a liberal democracy for a job.  Does the future belong to them?”

Women's March for Reproductive Rights

Sign Making Meet Up - Saturday October 1 - 10 AM - 12:30 PM - Nancy Carol Roberts Memorial Library  - 100 Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway - Brenham- BRING YOUR IDEAS AND SUPPIES



Washington County Courthouse - 100 East Main Street, Brenham

Facebook:  Women's Reproductive Rights Brenham, TX


THE DEMOCRATIC CLUB of Washington County
P.O. Box 903, Brenham, Texas 77834-0903     

Donna Glass-  President - Helen Dillingham, VP  - Helen Harris, Secretary -  Lewis Houser, Treasure

Held the second Tuesday of each Month 

NEXT MONTHLY MEETING October 11, 2022 4:30 P.M. – 5:45 P.M. 

Nancy Carol Roberts Memorial Library, 100 MLK Jr. Pkwy, Brenham, TX




November 8 General Election Calendar


October 11 – Last Day to Register To Vote
October 24 – Early Voting Starts Monday – Friday 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. at the County Courthouse Annex                      110 S Park Street
October 28 – Vote by Mail application must arrive at the elections office.  We recommend mailing application by       October 11
October 29 – Saturday early voting from 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.
October 30 – Sunday early voting from 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.
November 2-3 – Extended early voting hours 8:00 A.M. – 8:30 P.M.
November 4 – Last Day of Early Voting
November 8 – Election Day























1.    Beto is a fourth-generation Texan, born and raised in El Paso where he has served as a small business owner, a city council representative, and a member of Congress who delivered for veterans from the community.

2.    Beto's traveling over 5,600 miles on our 49-Day Drive for Texas to meet Texans where they are, listen to their concerns, and share his positive, unifying vision for the state.

3.    As Governor, Beto will fight for a woman's freedom to make her own decisions about her own body, health care, and future — and that includes fighting to repeal Greg Abbott's extreme abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest.

4.    Beto is committed to working with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to unite around common sense solutions that make a real difference in people’s lives.

5.    Beto knows that being a good leader is all about listening because people have thought through the solutions to the challenges before them — they just need someone to take action and deliver for their community.

6.    During Abbott’s deadly grid failure in 2021, Beto organized thousands of volunteers to make over a million phone calls to check in on Texas seniors.

7.    Beto can win — since launching our campaign, Beto has cut Abbott's lead by 10 points, and he's not slowing down.

8.    Beto doesn't accept a cent of corporate PAC money — because he’s running to represent Texans, not corporations or special interests.

9.    Thanks to more than half a million contributions in four months, Beto recently set a new record for the most money raised in a single reporting period by a state-level candidate in Texas history, but Abbott still has more cash in the bank.

10.  Gregg Abbott and GOP super PACs will spend record amounts of money  to attack Beto before Election Day, so we’re counting on our grassroots team’s support.

Beto O'Rourke in Brenham Aug 5, 2022

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What Are You Waiting For? 

Time Is Ticking.

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Based on his actual accomplishments in office, President Biden is the most consequential President we have had since Lyndon Johnson.  Americans should be thankful that we now have a President who can actually get things done in Washington, often with bipartisan support from some Republicans.  Listed below are some of the major accomplishments of the Biden Administration in less than two years in office.


*  The Inflation Reduction Act
*  The Chips Act
*  Bipartisan Gun Law
*  Huge Jobs Numbers
*  Low Unemployment
*  Confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson
*  Leading Support by the U.S. and our Allies for Ukraine
*  Uniting and Expanding of NATO
*  American Rescue Plan
*  Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

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Peaceful rally in Brenham on June 20 in support of Black Lives Matter movement